Alumni - Tennyson High School 1962

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Gray = Deceased

Yearbook Last Name First Name FOUND Email Address
Abbott (Ables) Kathleen FOUND Email
Ailshie Yvonne Deceased
Akins Ruth FOUND Email
Alcamo Bill FOUND  
Alexander Charles FOUND  
Allen Connie FOUND  


Newark CA?  
Andrade Judy Deceased
Anglin Mary Deceased  
Baehr Judy Deceased
Bailey Lucian FOUND  
Bajurin (Kimball) Ann FOUND Email
Baker* James Livermore CA?  
Bakker William FOUND  
Bales* Leland Deceased  
Ballard Shirley FOUND  
Barnes Lucile (Mary) Hayward CA?  
Barnes James Hayward CA?  
Barrett David FOUND  
Basco Lawrence FOUND  
Bifano Al FOUND Email
Black Paul Hayward CA?  
Blackmer Diane FOUND  
Blais Andree Deceased
Blasquez (Soderholm) Janet FOUND  
Bodner Jeanne Alameda CA?  
Bodner Jeff Fremont CA?  
Bonney (Enos) Sharon Deceased
Boreliz Dave Fremont CA?  
Bowers Mary Ann Abingdon VA?  
Britton Joylene Deceased  
Brix (Stevens) Jette FOUND  
Brown (Bauges) Beverly FOUND  
Brown James Where are You?  
Brown Kenneth South Bend IN?  
Brown Wilfred FOUND Email
Brubaker (Wayne) Lynn FOUND  
Brumm Fred FOUND  
Brumm Joan FOUND  
Brummitt Charles Where are you?  
Bullock Ginny Where are you?  
Bush Pamela Garland TX?  
Butler Raymond FOUND  
Bynum Walter FOUND  
Caldeira (Pine) Arlene Central Point OR?  
Caldwell Ron Carlotta CA?  
Campbell* (Reindel) Janice FOUND  
Campbell Victoria FOUND Email
Cantellay Larry FOUND  
Carr* Elwin FOUND  
Carroll (Louis) Diana FOUND  
Centoni Kenneth FOUND Email
Cheney David FOUND  
Claycomb John FOUND  
Collins (Dominguez) Jeri Deceased  
Conley David Castro Valley CA?  
Cook Joe FOUND Email
Cooper Stephen FOUND Email
Coppedge Joyce Deceased  
Cordova Joe FOUND  
Cossel (Rice) Kitty FOUND Email
Costa Phillip FOUND Email
Costy Paula Where are you?  
Couit Mary Deceased
Cox Gary Appel Valley CA?  
Curtis David Deceased
Curtis (Crutcher) Mary FOUND  
Cuson Thomas Deceased
Dailey Donna San Antonio TX?  
Dambrosio John FOUND  
Darling (Hanna) Cheryl FOUND  
Daughtery (Henderson) Patti FOUND  
Davis Jack FOUND  
Davis Jim FOUND Email
Davis Ron FOUND Email
DeMello* Paulette Deceased  
De Puglia Gaston Brookings OR?  
Deaton Jim FOUND  
Deloy JoAnn Deceased  
Diaz Gloria Deceased
Diaz Helena Deceased  
Dickerman (Baker) Susan FOUND Email
Dominguez* Beatrice Castro Valley CA?  
Doner* Ada Deceased  
Donkin John United Kingdom  
Dunbar (Groeger) Carlene FOUND Email
Dworkin Marilyn Woodland Hills CA?  
Emmer (Hanan) Phyllis FOUND  
Enos Ron FOUND Email
Erickson* William Deceased  
Evans Eddie Where are you?  
Evans Laurie Santa Maria CA?  
Fernanos Ted (Theodore) Chino Valley AZ?  
Fincher Floyd FOUND  
Fingas (Azevedo) Katherine Modesto CA?  
Fish Jim FOUND Email
Flannigan Earlene Lebanon OR?  
Forcier Ronald Wadsworth IL?  
Foster* (Hoffman) Margo Los Angeles CA?  
Fox (Burden) Carron Fremont CA?  
Frampton Bonnie Farmingville NY?  
Francis Carol FOUND  
Fread Clarence FOUND  
Frese Sandy Where are you?  
Gaffney (Mills) Joyce Shipman IL?  
Gann Marilyn FOUND  
Garber Betty Cary IL?  
Garcia (Huntington) Brenda Deceased  
Garcia Janet Deceased
Gartin Stephen Deceased
Gebro Vern FOUND Email
Gehlen Bill FOUND  
Giffin* Nancy Williamsport MD?  
Gilbert Barbara Florence AZ?  
Golcznski Lee Ann Deceased  
Goldstein Arleen Where are you?  
Gomes George Glendale CA?  
Gondal (Bricknell) Michele FOUND
Gonzales* Joey Manteca CA?  
Gulden Judy Where are you?  
Hacking (Hidalgo) Pat FOUND  
Hampton Linda Deceased  
Hanaberg Elissa Where are you?  
Hanson Linda Where are you?  
Hardaway (Linn) Rozanne FOUND  
Hargis David Fort Worth TX?  
Harper (Bassett) Carol Ann FOUND Email
Harrison Beverly FOUND  
Hazen (Davis) Carol FOUND  
Heath Stephen FOUND Email
Hernandez Bob FOUND  
Hernandez Ray FOUND Email
Herrick Susan Where are You?  
Hilbert Ron FOUND Email
Hook Jim Deceased
Horton Jr. Norman FOUND  
Huerta (Monte) Linda FOUND  
Hunt Joyce Cleveland OH?  
Ingram Steve FOUND  
Jackson Ellen FOUND  
Janke Judy Deceased
Jasany Dennis FOUND  
Johnson Dave Placentia CA?  
Jones Robert FOUND Email
Jordan Gay FOUND  
Jorgenson* Shirley Where are you?  
Kentner Herbert FOUND  
Keough Bill FOUND Email
Khury (Lendal) Pat FOUND Email
King Joe FOUND  
King (Binney) Penny FOUND Email
King Terry (eresa) Where are you?  
Kirk (Masters) Margaret Birmingahm AL?  
Kirkpatrick Glenn FOUND Email
Klarich Penny Where are you?  
Klein Carol FOUND  
Knapp* Carolyn Palmetto FL?  
Kodad Cheryl Where are you?  
Kohler Jr. Glenn Caseyville IL?  
Kuchenbecker Edward Gulfport MS?  
Kuehl* Barbara Where are you?  
Kuhn Herman Santa Monica CA?  
Kuhn Kristina Where are you?  
Lampe Marilyn Deceased  
Langer Art Aurora CO?  
Larsen Jerry Salem OR?  
Leal* Louise Berkley CA?  
Lehman Wayne Lee NH?  
Lewis Anita FOUND Email
Lewis* Gary Fremont CA?  
Lopez Martha FOUND Email
Lopez Oscar FOUND  
Lowell Mary Hope AZ?  
Lund Pat (Neil) FOUND Email
Lunder Ronald Where are You?  
MacNeil (Thomas) Linda Peoria AZ?  
Macho Ron Sonora CA?  
Martin (Broderik) Janice Deceased
Martinez (Hernandez) Lidia FOUND  
Martinez Ruby Where are you?  
Mason Mary Where are You?  
Mathers Linda Deceased  
Mau Michael Peter FOUND  
Mayne Daniel E. FOUND  
McGuire Sharon Naperville IL?  
McJunkin Larry Deceased
McKee* Shirley Batavia IL?  
McRae (Danner) Judy FOUND  
Medak Helen Where are you?  
Medrano Joe Brooklyn NY?  
Miller Jack Deceased  
Moe Jerry Phoenix AZ?  
Moody Coy Redding CA?  
Moore* June Baltimoore MD?  
Moore Mike Parker CO?  
Morris Frank FOUND Email
Morris Robert Pahrump NV?  
Murphy Daniel FOUND Email
Musgrave Dave Deceased
Nano Richard FOUND Email
Nelson Dennis Deceased
Nicholas Joe FOUND Email
Nicholson (Walt) Donna FOUND Email
Nickelson Carolyn FOUND Email
Nielsen* Edward Tulalip WA?  
Nieto Ester Deceased
Nott Diane Deceased  
Nowakoski Larry FOUND  
O'Leary Mary Where are you?  
Orlando Alan FOUND  
Overland Andrea FOUND  
Palmer Dave FOUND  
Palmer Patricia Rancho Mirage CA?  
Parker Joanne Coats NC?  
Parsons Bob FOUND  
Patburg Gary FOUND Email
Patton Ron FOUND  
Paul (Welch) Bee Jay El Sobrante CA?  
Pearson Ronald Sacramento CA?  
Perry (Pestana) Ann Lynnwood CA?  
Peters Donna Ridgecrest CA?  
Phelps Ron FOUND  
Pike Johnny FOUND Email
Piquette Fred Springfield OR?  
Pon Dale FOUND  
Preinitz* Linda Where are You?  
Prendeble (Miller) Cathleen Hayward CA?  
Pruitt (Paoli) Virginia Martinez CA?  
Pyeatt (Fragulia) Sandy FOUND  
Quick Philip Deceased
Rathbun Eugene FOUND  
Reid James East Bend NC?  
Repoza Ruth FOUND  
Resendez Robert FOUND  
Rich Gerald Hayward CA?  
Rinella Gerry FOUND Email
Robberson Timothy Denver CO?  
Roberts Donald Eagle Mountain UT?  
Robinett Doug Deceased
Robinson (Lucas) Ann Castro Valley CA?  
Rodgers (Dailey) Carol FOUND Email
Rodrigues Dolores (Doris) FOUND  
Rodrigues (Carvalho) Helen FOUND Email
Rodrigues* Herb Hayward CA?  
Rodrigues James Castro Valley CA?  
Rodriguez David Puerto Rico?  
Rodriquez* (De LaHoya Boode) Ruth Where are you?  
Rogers Bruce Deceased
Rogers* Larry Wilmington NC?  
Roop Bill FOUND Email
Rossow Dean Deceased
Ruskofsky David FOUND  
Ryan Mike Portland OR?  
Saito (Thomsen) Sharon FOUND  
Sandow Ken FOUND Email
Schreiber Fred Vacaville CA?  
Scoles Barbara Aromas CA?  
Scott (Horning) Kathy FOUND  
Scuteri Matt FOUND  
Seibert* Patsy Where are you?  
Severs Jean Sandy OR?  
Shoopman Sharele Where are you?  
Shugars Majorie Where are you?  
Silva James Tulare CA?  
Skokan Jack North Highlands CA?  
Slayton* Donna Deceased  
Sleeper Janis FOUND  
Slocum (McDermott) Dianne FOUND Email
Smith Ann (Catherine) Modesto CA?  
Snyder Pat Deceased
Sorensen Chris FOUND  
Soto Faith Where are you?  
Sowell Shelton Deceased
Spidel Jr. John FOUND  
Staska Richard Deceased
Sterbenk* Cheryl Where are you?  
Stoltenberg Keith FOUND  
Stroud Mike FOUND  
Suydam Della Deceased
Tejada David FOUND  
Tenney (Carmo) Maggie FOUND  
Tercheria* (Silva) Nancy Deceased 2015  
Thomas* Ernest Sayre OK?  
Thomas Gary Hayward CA?  
Thompson Betty Deceased  
Tisch Daniel FOUND  
Tsurui Pat Union City CA?  
Tweedle Wayne FOUND  
Tysland Julie Deceased
Valerio Tony Deceased
Van Sant Jim Valley Springs CA?  
Vassis Milt Deceased
Vaughan Pamela Aurora CO?  
Velasquez* Sandra Orlando FL?  
Vincent Basil Pleasanton CA?  
Virbel Bill Citrus Heights CA?  
Voit George Deceased
Walasek Marty FOUND  
Walden (Gilder) Joyce North Las Vegas NV?  
Warren (Manderson) Molly FOUND Email
Way* Tom Deceased
Webber Sandra FOUND  
West Gloria Jean Where are you?  
Westberg* (Blacklelge) Darlene Portland OR?  
Wilcox (Hale) Sharon FOUND Email
Williams (Jones) Sherryl Where are you?  
Williamson Clifton Santa Rosa CA?  
Wilsbacher Leo Morgan Hill CA?  
Woznick Gary FOUND  
Young Jacqueline Yuna AZ?  
Yurgelevic Ty FOUND  
Zimbik Eric FOUND Email
    TOTAL 195  

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