Mt Eden High School 50th Reunion Class of 1962

50th Reunion Mt Eden High School Class of 1962

Welcome to the official Class of 1962 Mt Eden High School in Hayward, California 50th Class Reunion.

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The 50th Reunion is history and what a great event it was. It had been such a build up in the 16+ months of planning. The Reunion Committee members consisting of Juanita Dokes (Williams), Earl Dyer, Liz Houser (Mencarelli), Peter Mencarelli, Donna Souleles (Manson), Carolyn Sprague (Davis), Liz Wyman (Fedigan) and Virginia Young (Requa) and many others worked diligently to locate classmates and plan our party. We had not had a formal reunion in years. The last one was maybe 18 years ago. Anticipation was high and everyone was eager to see their classmates. Judging from the post reunion comments everyone thought it was very well done and really seemed to enjoy the time spent together. The most used sentence was " I wish we had more time to talk to everyone." It seemed the most common thought was whether or not we would be able to recognize the classmates and if they would be able to recognize us. Thank goodness for name tags with our class pictures. Although many thought (due to poor eyesight) they could be 8x10, but really who would wear it?


There were few classmates as the Marriott's on Friday, Alf Vien, Pat & David Dial, Virginia Young and Ralph Requa and a few from Tennyson, Ann Bajurin, and Patty Lendahl. Patty and Ann were asking everyone who maybe our vintage if they were the class of 1962. Most wished they were since Ann and Patty were having great fun. By Saturday afternoon the place was jumping with excitement. We took over the hotel lobby and bar. A few other things were going on, but who noticed! Paul Dutra, George Jenkins, David Dial and their spouses, Alf, Rich O'Connor, Carolyn, Bev, Liz Houser, Peter, Liz Wyman, and others. Lots of conversations and offers to help. Center pieces were being done in the Sunol Room. There were banners being hung, balloons being placed, photo backdrops, etc. it seemed more people were being recruited and all were eager to help.

Then at 5 pm the welcome tables were manned, bar was open in the California Ballroom, hor d'ourves were served, Remembrance binders and photos of the past were positioned, and R-n-R music was piped in the foyer and Ballroom. Classmates appeared and you tried to keep from saying "Who are you?" until you could read their name tag and see their pictures. Hugs all around and the evening began on such a high note. Individual photos of the classmates were made to be included on the website, complete with our 1962 class photo. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and many said so in the post reunion comments. The slideshow was one of the highlights of the evening prepared for us by Ron Hilbert. Reunions are for renewing old friendships and we did that. Most of us had not seen each other in 50 years, but in some ways it did not seem that long at all. We paid tribute to the 50's and 60's, our classmates who had passed, and the slide show had photos of our school years. For those of you who attended, it was great seeing you. For those who could not attend, you have another chance since we are planning a 55 year reunion for 2017. Who knows what life has in store for each and every one of us, but hopefully we'll see each other again in 5 years. Warm Regards, The 50th Reunion Committee.

Alumni photo gallery for our 50th reunion >>>

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Help us find our classmates: If you have a phone number, address or email address of anyone who was in our class please let us know.

For the first two years most of us went to Tennyson High School and then transfered to Mt Eden High School when it was built in 1960. We were classmates for those years with Tennyson, so an offer was made to combine the reunions and we thought that was a great idea. Now you can visit with your friends from Tennyson as well as Mt Eden High School. You might even see an old boyfriend or girlfriend...

Raines Video Productions

Raines Video Productions will be making a professional DVD of our 50th reunion. A letter from them will be mailed to each classmate a few days following the reunion, giving you the opportunity to order a DVD. The reunion committee has seen their work and we are confident they are going to do a great job. If you wish to not be contacted from Raines Video after the reunion about ordering a DVD, please let us know and we will remove your name for the list.

The DVDs will be $29.95, plus $4 for shipping and should last approximately 90 minutes in length. It will consist of personal interviews, highlights of the reunion and added music from our era.

If you do not receive a letter from Raines Video after the reunion, you can contact them directly at:
Raines Video Productions
818 SW 3rd Ave #258
Portland, OR 97204

Your Mt Eden reunion committee:
Carolyn Sprague Davis, – 530-823-6939
Earl Dyer,, - 925-833-0112
Liz Wyman Fedigan,
Donna Souleles Manson, - 408-842-0323
Liz (Houser) & Pete Mencarelli, - 425-585-0291
Juanita Dokes (Williams) - 510-428-1949 (Welcome Table and Name Badges)
Sharyn Sparks (Sarquis) – 707-473-9555
Virginia Young Requa, – 702-263-6761
Ron Hilbert, (Web Master for Tennyson & Mt. Eden)