Classmates who are no longer with us...

Tennyson High School, Hayward California

Julie Tysland

We, regretfully, inform you that in the year when many of us came together to revisit the past, to savor the present and celebrate our longevity at our 50-year reunion, we cannot forget the classmates we have lost.

We graduate, we leave school and sometimes the area, we start work or college, we get married, have kids, and we move on. Time and distance tends to separate us from many of those we were close to when we were young.

Oh, we go to a class reunion, and it’s maybe been 25 years since we've gotten together, we shake hands and hug each other, we share stories about children and professions, and for a few fleeting moments it’s like we are 17 all over again and close friends once more.

Then the evening ends, and we hurry back to our jobs, our families and our busy lives, which in most cases don't include those old friends.

And now, sadly we reflect on those classmates who are no longer with us.

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If you have knowledge of any other classmates who have passed please let us know.

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