45th Reunion

45th Tennyson High Reunion Photo Gallery

October 27th, 2007

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Abbott (Ables), Kathleen

Enos, Ron

Orlando, Alan

Alcamo, Bill

Fox (Burden), Carron

Palmer, Dave

Alexander, Charles

Fread, Clarence

Parsons, Bob

Bajurin (Kimball), Ann

Garcia (Huntington), Brenda

Patburg, Gary

Bifano, Al

Gebro, Vern

Phelps, Ron

Blackmer (Smith), Diane

Harper (Bassett), Carol Ann

Pike, Johnny

Bonney (Enos), Sharon

Hernandez, Ray

Pyeatt (Fragulia), Sandy

Carroll (Louis), Diana

Hilbert, Ron

Rodgers (Dailey), Carol

Centoni, Ken

Huerta (Monte), Linda

Rodrigues (Doris), Dolores

Claycome, John

Jasany, Dennis

Rodrigues (Carvalho), Helen Mary

Cook, Joe

Jones, Robert

Rogers, Bruce

Cooper, Stephen

Keough, Bill

Roop, Bill

Costa, Philip

Khury (Lendal), Pat

Sandow, Ken

Curtis (Crutcher), Mary

King (Binney), Penny

Slocum (McDermott), Dianne

Dambrosio, John

Lewis (Williams), Anita

Speidel Jr., John

Daughtery (Henderson), Patti

Lopez (Orlando), Martha

Vassis, Milt

Davis, Jim

Lund, Pat (Neil)

Walasek, Marty

Davis, Jack

MacNeil (Thomas), Linda (Lynne)

Webber, Sandy

Deaton, Jim

Nicholas, Joe

Wilcox (Hale), Sharon

Dickerman (Baker), Susan

Nowakoski, Larry

Yurgelevic, Tyrone

Just a note of thanks for the great job you and the other volunteers did on making the 45th Reunion such a great success. It was so much fun seeing everyone again and reconnecting with long-lost friends and classmates. Please put me on your volunteer list for the next party.

Thanks so much, Bob Jones

To the Reunion Committee and all those who attended..........you did a terrific job in planning and organizing the reunion. Your hard work is truly appreciated. Everyone I talked with had a good time, and I had been looking forward to it for months. I really enjoyed the evening....getting to see everyone again was wonderful.....after 45 years, you're still the best.

Thanks, Carol Rogers (Daily)

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