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Planning will begin soon for our 55th Tennyson High Class of 62 Reunion

Psychologists tell us that the years we are in High School are so dominant for us is due to the development of our brains. Admittedly brains do not mature at the same rate in each individual, this should be no surprise as bodies mature differently as well. But those memories are so strong because of our maturing bodies and brains.

We ended up at Tennyson High because of where our parents lived or moved to, where school district lines were drawn, through no choice of our own. How ironic that we should meet lifelong friends, some would marry, some would become famous, some would excel in business, some would die in service to our country and after graduation we would go our separate ways and yet we would still feel such a strong bond to those years. We still have the desire to go back and see those individuals who sat next us in class. See how their lives have been, where they live now, who they married, how many kids they have and what they like to do for fun. Nothing seems to give us more pleasure than seeing their smiles and feeling their hugs. That's what reunions are all about, remembering, emotions, renewing friendships from those years we were growing up...

Ron Hilbert


  • Willa Belcher Mt Eden came the farthest (3100 miles) from Boston MA.
  • Kathy Scott (Horning) Tennyson had the most Grandchildren (21)
  • Marti Stuerhoff (James) Mt Eden was married the longest (51 years)
  • The most children goes to Earl Dyer 7 boys Mt Eden

Tennyson 50th Reunion Photo Gallery >>>

Joe & Peggy Nicholas and Ron & Joan Hilbert

Hey Ron ! Enjoyed being able to meet you in person finally, along with your wife, and Joe Nicholas and his wife at the table! I enjoyed the short time I was able to be there, and had to leave before 5 I had to bug out of there before I wanted to. But just to be able to feel the excitement and electricity in that room when more and more classmates filed in, made everything worth it for me. I certainly enjoyed seeing the faces of those who looked at their freshmen pics from my '59' yearbook, especially your wife Joan when she saw YOUR picture!!! As I've replied to Ann and Milt, I'm looking forward to seeing whatever pictures that become available, as Milt told me he and Al Bifano arrived right after I'd left. Great job of preparing and making things work by you and your crew Ron !!!

Joe Pinkey - Class of 61

Joe was a huge help in finding classmates

What a HOOT to see so many old friends at our 50th Tennyson High School Class Reunion.

Here are a couple of photos of us... Milt said send them along anyway... he sent me a nice email about the reunion. Congratulations for an excellent class reunion! Frank had shoulder surgery last Friday and will take 3 months to recover.. However we were there in "spirit".. My Best To You...

Donna Nicholson (Walt)
Coos Bay, OR

Thanks so much for the great job of emcee; Milt Vasis and Ann Bajurin for Tennyson and Pete Mencarelli for Mt Eden.

Well, We had our 50th High School Class Reunion last night and we pulled it off pretty well. This year we combined both Tennyson and Mt Eden High Schools and had a chance to see many old friends and acquaintances - it worked out very well!

Conveniently for me, it was right here in Pleasanton Marriot so there was no need to travel or get a room - it's just 2.5 miles from home. I worked on the committee and we all pulled together and were able to hook up with the organizers from Mt Eden and put together a very nice evening.

I did the portraits with the guidance and equipment of Ron Hilbert - and that even came out very well. All the photos taken will be posted on the Tennyson High School and Mt Eden Class of 62 reunion website. The food was fine, the assistance from the Marriot went well, we had some prizes for the usual things like most kids, most grandkids, married the longest (won by a couple from Mt Eden - 52 yrs!), who came the furthest (Boston MA), most time arrested,... just kidding on that one. Speaking of kidding - I helped out as co-emcee with Ann Bajurin and Pete Mencarelli from Mt Eden and was able to make 'em laugh a little, too. Good music and dancing, too.

I went by the hotel to kabitz with these folks who stayed over last night this am at the brunch and had more good stories and visits.

All in all it went very well and many thanks to all that helped and to those who could not or did not come think about joining us next time!

Milt Vasis
Big Milt the Lancer Leader
Pleasanton, CA

Best regards to you and fellow classmates of 62! Unable to attend but will be there in spirit!

If you are ever in the Seattle area, please stop by and visit at the Coast Guard Museum NW at Coast Guard Base Seattle on pier 36!

Daniel Tisch
Lynwood, WA

Goast Guard Museum Free Admision

Steve Ingram and Bill Roop

Ann, Ron and Class Reunion Committee;

Thank you for all your hard work on the class reunion. I'm sure everyone enjoyed the evening as we did.

Please pass this email on to the rest of the committee; I don't want to leave anyone off the list.

Take care and have a wonderful summer.

Penny King (Binney)
Modesto, CA

Raines Video Productions

Raines Video Productions will be making a professional DVD of our 50th reunion. A letter from them will be mailed to each classmate a few days following the reunion, giving you the opportunity to order a DVD. The reunion committee has seen their work and we are confident they are going to do a great job. If you wish to not be contacted from Raines Video after the reunion about ordering a DVD, please let us know and we will remove your name for the list.

The DVDs will be $29.95, plus $4 for shipping and should last approximately 90 minutes in length. It will consist of personal interviews, highlights of the reunion and added music from our era.

NOTE: The slideshow from the reunion will be added to the DVD.

If you do not receive a letter from Raines Video after the reunion, you can contact them directly at:
Raines Video Productions
818 SW 3rd Ave #258
Portland, OR 97204


CLICK HERE - Mt Eden 50th Reunion Web Site     Mt Eden

50th Reunion Information
Reunion Agenda
Reunion Dinner Menu
Sunday Brunch Information just $24.76 per person
Directions to the Marriott Hotel
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If in 1962 you purchased an item for $20.00 then in 2011 that same item would cost $149.62.
The rate of inflation is 648.1%
If you purchased a gallon of gas for .35 cents in 1962 then in 2011
that same gallon would cost $2.62 today adjusted for inflation,
but we are paying much, much more.

Tennyson High School Birthday Party Slide Show

Class of 62 Tennyson & Mt Eden High School 50th Class Reunion June 23, 2012

Ann Bajaran

"I’m thrilled to be going to our 50-year class reunion and can hardly wait!! Why? Well, I have such fond memories of sharing laughter and woes with so many of the “kids” that I’m hoping to create even more memories filled with that youthful laughter that so gladdens my heart!! And, with the “oldies” music the band will be playing, I want to see if these ol’ legs can still dance the Hop, the Bop, the Pony, the Stroll, the Mash Potatoes and the Bristol Stomp!!!"

Ann Bajurin (Kimball)

It will warm your heart and bring back misty-eyed memories of the good old days!
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Dale Pon

In 1984 Dale Pon coined the phrase
"I want my MTV"
in a marketing campaign
which was also used in a song by
Dire Straits "Money for Nothing".


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